Insomnia, the fourth production of the Acting School of Calabria, was staged on Thursday evening. A very important event for the SRC, conceived and directed by Walter Cordopatri, an evening dedicated to the magic of clown theatre, able to fascinate, amuse and excite together.

Our Teacher Santo Nicito, author and director, assisted by the great professionalism of the Stage Director, Paolo Merlini, gave the public a show of pure poetry.

Splendid performance of the protagonists: Caterina Filardo, Domiziana Sapone, Annalisa Schiavone, first graduated students of the SRC, and Arcangelo Deleo, second-year MasterClass student.

And this was the occasion to give our girls the diploma scrolls, at the end of the show, after the video message of good wishes that our Teaching Coordinator, Giorgio Colangeli, wanted to send them!

The Mayor of Cittanova, Francesco Cosentino, the Metropolitan Councilor of Reggio Calabria, Fabio Scionti, the Regional Councilor Francesco D'Agostino, delivered the certificates. A heartfelt thanks to them for being with us, with special thanks to the Municipal Administration of Cittanova, in the person of the Mayor Cosentino, for having sponsored the event and for believing and supporting this small great reality since its birth.

Ad maiora! @ Cittanova


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