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The SRC, Acting School of Calabria, conceived and directed by Walter Cordopatri, represents an artistic, social and cultural point of reference for the entire Region.

The School, coordinated by Giorgio Colangeli and sponsored by the Giffoni Film Festival, has restored to Calabria and to the entire southern Italy high-level educational offer dedicated to those who want, with seriousness and dedication, to be actors in all its expressive declinations.


Thanks to the collaboration with Cittanova’s Municipal Administration, the SRC is currently located, in this town, at the Solidarity Centre for Legality "Francesco Vinci", a structure that has exponentially contributed to the growth and overall development of the various activities of the school.

The SRC involves a much wider catchment area with than the surrounding area of ​​reference, since, lacking highly qualified and specialized training facilities in Calabria, it has aroused the students’interest from all over the regional territory and from neighboring regions.

Cittanova, thanks to the cultural ferment that animates it and that is realized in the activity of the Cinema “Teatro Gentile”, in theatrical reviews, in musicals and cultural events held throughout the year, seems therefore a suitable place for the development of a school like “SRC”, which aims to be the regional reference educational structure for the art of acting and the teaching of the actor  profession. The courses, with a limited students’ number and with compulsory attendance, include theoretical and practical lessons.

“SRC” is not limited to being a simple training and practice gym for dramatic art, but it is also the opportunity to verify all connections between theatre and everyday life, so as to be able to draw useful lessons both on a stage, traditionally intended , and in everyday "human comedy”. 


  • MasterClass: : is the SRC leading Academic Course, composed of students who have already obtained the Higher Secondary Education Diploma. The three-year course includes the achievement of a Diploma.

  • Lab: these are the SRC workshops, divided into 5 classes. For each course there is a teaching year, at the end of which the learner will receive a certificate .


Scuola di Recitazione della Calabria

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Polo Solidale per la Legalità "F. Vinci"  

Viale Merano, Cittanova  RC

  • Scuola di Recitazione della Calabria
  • Scuola di Recitazione della Calabria
  • Scuola di Recitazione della Calabria